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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Notes: Ahmed Amr, "Gaza and the treason of the international community,", July 1, 2006.

I wake up every morning and thank God I am not a Palestinian.

Come to Gaza and be a witness to what the 'international community' really looks like....

The door man at the State Department knows exactly what's going on in Gaza. At the New York Times and CNN, the mass media mandarins have taken note of every detail and twisted it around to sound like an IDF press release. A President who has been taken captive by the Israeli Lobby and his Armageddon-worshiping constituency publicly endorses Israel's 'right' to inflict collective punishment against every defenseless child unfortunate enough to have been born a Palestinian.

Take a virtual tour of Gaza and say hello to the child who just woke up screaming because his bedroom window was shattered by the sonic boom of an Israeli jet financed by American tax payers. This tormented land is the perfect place to be introduced to the collective treason of intellectuals and journalists from around the of the planet who, by their silence, have endorsed genocide on an installment plan made to fit Israel's unlimited capacity for inflicting harm on their colonial subjects....

Bring your children along so they may develop an appetite to indulge in a feast of indifference....

No Palestinian should have to be polite about this.

No Palestinian should have to be polite about this.
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