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Sunday, May 14, 2006


The May/June Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists issue also has a first-rate article on the Nixon administration's response to Israel's nuclear weapons programme (vol. 62, no. 3, pp 22-30). "Israel crosses the threshhold" by Avner Cohen and William Burr gives a historical account based on newly declassified information. Cohen wrote Israel and the Bomb (1998) and is a senior research fellow at the Center for International and Security Studies of the University of Maryland. William Burr is a senior analyst at the National Security Archive, George Washington University, where he directs the documentation project on US nuclear weapons policy.

I used the BASIC (the British American Security Information Council) Washington Nuclear Update for May 9, 2006, and Perevez Hoodbhoy's piece in the April 24 Japan Focus, under the title "US-India Nuclear Deal Fuels an Asian Arms Race." This article also appeared in the Economic and Political Weekly (India) and The Friday Times (Pakistan) for the week of 17 April, 2006, and in Asia Times Online on April 24.

Links to the Tri-Valley CARE study of the Bush Administrations Nuclear Weapons budget request for FY 2007 and the April 25 Arms Control Association press briefing on the Reliable Replacement Warhead are available in the Washington Nuclear Update above.

Fingar's remarks appeared in USA Today, April 14. The story about the opening of Resende appeared in the Environmental News Service on May 8.

The US-India nuclear deal has been the subject of much more comment than I have referred to in the May 15 broadcast.
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