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Monday, June 19, 2006

Notes: Rolland Pangowish, "Letter RE: Kelowna Accord on Life Support," June 19, 2006.

Its unfortuinate that you believe the Kelowna Accord offers anything more than band-aid solutions to the social and economic marginalization of Canada's Aboriginal Peoples. The United Natiions human rights juridical bodies which monitor Canada's compliance with the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the two related Covenants have already repeatedly pointed out the root cause of the problem.

...While no one wants to see dependence on government social programs and Indian Act administration continue, anythng short of addressing the outstanding land and treaty rights of First Nations is doomed to continued failure. As our former truly intelligent National Chief's like Ovide Mercredi and Matthew Coon Come have pointed out, simply recognize our rights to share in the lands and resources of this country and we'll take care of ourselves. This will benefit all Canadians, not just Aboriginal Peoples, as it will provide the capital and economic activity needed in the poorest regions of the country. But this will never happen as long as we continue to condone the Government's conflict of interest in addrssing claims and rights issues.

Original includes Susan Riley's article on the Kelowna Accord.
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