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Sunday, June 11, 2006

"Six Nations: Still Peaceful," Gathering Place, June 11, 2006.


Below is the most accurate account of what is going on at Six Nations to date. It comes from Hazel Hill, spokesperson for Kanenhstaton.

In talking to the people on the site last night & this am, it is clear that they are concerned that they are losing non-Native supporters as a result of the events of the last few days as well as the outright lies in the press and rumours over the internet. In fact, this is very likely a strategy being persued by the OPP.

Though SOME of the incidents reported (badly) in the media happened, the stories fail to mention the enormous provocations the people are experiencing at this time. Drivers along Argyle have thrown firecrackers, garbage, bottles, etc into the camp while they yell their racist epithets, etc. Helicoptor fly-overs are increasing. Cops and others are regularly found encroaching on the territory and being told to leave. The Caledonian redneck rallies continue. Despite the accounts of so-called
journalists, the bottles and rocks that get thrown during those hate fests flow one way: toward 6N.

The shortcomings of the media here are reminiscent of the "stellar" coverage they offered us during Oka and Ipperwash, where unfounded rumours and one-sided accounts found their way into headlines. It's hard to believe that the outright lies and inaccuracies are not deliberate and part of an overall campaign to provoke the people at the site as well as whittle away at their support.

The feeling at Kanenhstaton is basically that the OPP WILL be moving in. The only question is WHEN. Mind you, they are quite sleep deprived and traumatized by the events of the last 2 days.

Though supporters are not required in terms of defense, the feeling is that if supporters need to come to find out what is going on, to reassure themselves that this is still a peaceful action, they are welcome. People involved in the violent atercations reported in the media have been banned from the site pending an investigation by Six Nations police. They furthermore want us to forward information coming from the site as it becomes available. My feeling is, that people at the site need reassurances that they still have support and that no one believes the crap the media is churning out.

The incidences of people being peppersprayed is increasing. Thus, medical supplies most needed at this time include Maalox, mineral oil, alcohol swabs (on Q-Tips not gauze) and alcohol.

The general list of food and medical supplies is still valid.

All for now,

Zainab Amadahy


First of all I have to tell you that I am experiencing a great deal of interference with getting this e-mail out. I am sending it directly to MNN first, and I will try to send out individually because every time I attempt to send it out to all, it comes back undeliverable. Sorry for the delay.

Update from Grand River

Today has been a day of unrest at the land reclamation site. While I won't go into great detail on what has happened today as a press release is being prepared, it is suffice to say that the intimidation tactics and pressure from the outside has worked to the point that 1000 opp officers are being dispatched to the area surrounding the reclamation site, and the Caledonia residents are up in arms, demanding the removal of our people from the site, and even going so far as to setting up a barricade on the recently opened plank road (argyle street) leading into Caledonia. It is important for all of you to understand that the intimidation tactics leading up to day were constant..... including army helicopters and others flying overhead all hours of the day and night; including hovering overhead between 2 and 4 in the morning with their lights off , and then on occasion, shining high powered lights down onto the people on the site.

This has been going on constantly. Our people are being faced daily with people driving by, hollering racial remarks including "go home you f'n Indians", "get a job", "your gonna die" etc. Garbage is constantly being thrown at us, and besides the "flipping of the bird" there have been times where firecrackers are being thrown out the window toward us. These incidents however, are not followed up on by the opp because they are not breaking any laws.

today a united states border patrol vehicle was retrieved with high powered surveillance equipment in it. The first story from the opp was that the " A.T.F. Officer" was just visiting friends in the neighbourhood and was taking pictures "kinda like a tourist", when spotted just down from the the front line barricade and then followed to the back door of the reclamation site. then later when we questioned further what the United States ATF was doing snooping around taking pictures of our people with the opp riding in the back with them, they changed the story saying that they had been invited in by the opp.

Our question as to what they were doing there, what is their mandate, and the fact that obviously these people have gotten high government official clearance to be so far out of their jurisdiction was unanswered by the opp representatives. an opp officer was hospitalized as a result of this incident, and a ch tv. newsperson/cameraman had to get stitches as a result of a previous run in with our people. This situation is not good.

What needs to be understood is that the incidents of today, are a direct result of the constant intimidation tactics of the opp and others of the military, the continued racial discrimination being shown, not by us, but by the Caledonia people, including the recent blocking of our children from using the arena for lacrosse games; the back tracking by the provincial government at the negotiating table; all of which lead up to the ultimate goal of the government. To justify stopping the talks at the negotiating table. From what we have been told at the fire tonight, this is the position of the government at this point. Canada does not want to deal with the Onkwehonweh people because they know we are absolutely right in our position with respect to the land, our sovereignty and upholding our Law.

The violence that occurred is not something that we are proud of, but it is something that we completely understand knowing and understanding the underhanded and direct attempts at inciting the action required to justify another attack against our people, and to make it look like we are uncontrollable. Why else have they been playing the "terrorists in Canada in court in Brampton" back to back with the "six nations land reclamation in Caledonia" on all of the news stations Canada with the help of corporate media, is making sure the mental brainwashing of its citizens against the Onkwehonweh people continues.

How convenient that CHTV 11 was there even before this all started. How coincidently that the couple who sparked the violence with their racial attacks drove straight to the Canadian Tire parking lot, and how convenient that a "by-stander" happened to have a video camera across the road at tim hortons video taping the whole scene and directly reporting to CHML radio who happens to be co-owned by chtv 11. Was it a co-incidence! or were these people already on standby knowing that a story was about to break. It is unfortunate that our people fell for it, and in hindsight we can all wish it didn't happen, but the reality is, unless you are in the situation, dealing with the constant mental emotional and physical intimidation of the corrupt bureaucRATS; and the racial violence that has been directed at our people on a constant basis, none of us can truly say how we would have responded if in the situation ourselves.

The potential for violence occurring on the site in the next little while is tremendous. The Caledonia people are wanting to come in to take us out. The opp are maintaining a line between the Caledonia residents and the reclamation site. It is unknown how long this is going to continue. Our people need to be on alert. Again, we are on the site unarmed, we are trying to maintain the peace, and we are keeping the people toward the inner perimeter of the site. I will forward further updates as soon as I get them. Please forward to others. Stay Strong and keep the Peace.

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