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Monday, July 24, 2006

"Lebanese don't have much faith in Rice's show of 'support,'" [editorial] Daily Star, July 25, 2006.

Throughout this crisis, Rice has been right about one thing: that it would be pointless to resolve the current conflict in a way that will only bring us back to the same situation in six months' time. She is right that any lasting truce will require a dramatic change in the Lebanese-Israeli status quo. But the status quo is likely to deteriorate further without a cease-fire and will never improve until all of the core causes of the conflict are addressed.

In this sense, it is promising that Rice's talks addressed the whole package of concerns that have long plagued the Lebanese-Israeli front. These issues include Israel's air, land and sea incursions into Lebanese territory, which have occurred nearly every day since its withdraw from South Lebanon in 2000; the decades-long occupation of the Shebaa Farms; and the detention of Lebanese citizens in Israeli jails. Addressing these and other core issues will be a prerequisite to any lasting resolution of the Lebanon-Israel file.
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