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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Notes: Nebojsa Malic, "Lawless,", July 19, 2006.

One can't be sure whether Kostunica understands that "democracy" is just the word used to justify whatever the Empire does, same as "socialism" was once invoked to justify all manner of atrocities. It has lost all meaning: a "democratic" election is whenever candidates preferred by Washington or Brussels win, and it's "undemocratic" if they lose; a "democrat" is whoever supports them, etc.

So when he claims that, "by defending an inalienable part of its territory, Serbia may even be defending the future of democracy as a way of life and a view of the world," the question is whether such a way of life is worth saving. If what it produces are Kosovos, Iraqs and Afghanistans, Lebanons and Gazas… what is the point?


What appears to be taking shape is a "compromise".... The only benefactor would be the "international community," whose failed politicians would continue to receive sinecures as governors, overlords, observers, representatives, emissaries, or whatnot, with hefty salaries, substantial powers, and no accountability.
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