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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Notes: Dahr Jamail, "Lebanese Red Cross Repeatedly Targeted,", August 2, 2006.

Shaulan, who has worked with the Red Cross for 13 years, is also training manager at the headquarters. He said that minutes after his ambulance was bombed, another ambulance nearby that was collecting injured people was also bombed....

"You can see here that everyone the Israelis are attacking are civilians and the Red Cross," Shaulan said. "And now we are having trouble reaching villages to collect bodies because they've bombed most of the roads and bridges before they told people to leave their homes."

Mohammad Zatar, who has been working for the Lebanese Red Cross in Tyre since 1993, said he had never before seen attacks on rescue workers.

"As a Red Cross volunteer, I need to be very clear that we are not political – we rescue anyone who needs help," the 32-year-old Zatar told IPS. As a colleague unloaded bodies from bloody stretchers, Zatar said "whether they are civilian, a resistance fighter or an Israeli soldier, our policy is to help any human who needs help. But the Israelis seem to be attacking us now."
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