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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Notes: Pepe Escobar, Part 1: Hezbollah south of the border, Asia Times online, August 3, 2006.

Hezbollah receives donations from sympathizers worldwide. There's no evidence it is being financed by pirate video discs or cocaine dollars from the Triple Border.


Irrespective of the facts on the ground, as far as the Pentagon is concerned the Triple Border remains a nest of subversive activity to be preempted as fast as Syria and Iran.

...the World Bank is developing a program toward mapping the Guarani Aquifer - which is the first step toward commercial exploration of its precious waters. The Guarani Aquifer is arguably the biggest reservoir of fresh, potable water in the world - right under Triple Border soil. The majority (71%) of its 1.2 million square kilometers lies in Brazil. According to the United Nations, by 2025 worldwide demand for potable water will be 56% higher than what will be on offer.

When you combine a huge Arab community and lots of non-commercialized water in a Pentagon-defined "lawless area", no wonder bells start ringing. Watching the non-stop coverage on the Arabic channels of Lebanese civilians dying under Israeli bombs, a Lebanese-Brazilian businessman offered the preferred local version of the "war on terror": "In Iraq they said there were WMD [weapons of mass destruction]. They wanted the oil. Here they say that we are terrorists. But what they want is our water."
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