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Monday, August 28, 2006

"Olmert: We could have only dreamed of such a scenario," YNet, August 27, 2006.


"If someone would have told me a month and a half ago that there would be a multinational force and Lebanese army presence in the south, that UN Security Council resolution 1559 would begin to be implemented, that the UN Secretary-General would says [sic] that the multinational force could disarm Hizbullah, that there would be an arms embargo in Lebanon, observation of crossings, and all this while the IDF sat in Lebanon without being dragged into combat, despite a continued aerial and naval blockade - I would have said he was dreaming and that he shouldn't try to set unrealistic objectives."

Olmert added: "These are, at least in part, the objectives that we set at the beginning of the war. There are additional factors that supplement these objectives." Nonetheless, the prime minister was careful not to be too optimistic, saying "I'm not exaggerating or declaring a drastic change of situation. The reality could deteriorate. However, we can definitely see an important turning point."

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