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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Blaming Russia - Syria - Iran

Why are all these things happening at once--especially after the American mid-term elections?


Putin is not in trouble. In fact, he enjoys 79% approval in the polls (Nov 18 06). Note that Putin was elected in March 2004 with 71.31 percent of the vote.

In December 2004, he signed a bill eliminating election of Russia’s 89 governors by popular vote. Now the president nominates every governor, and the regional legislatures confirm the appointment, sort of like the US Cabinet.

In April 2005, Putin announced that he would not run for a third term because according to the Russian constitution "You cannot run for president three times in a row."

Alexander Litvinenko


Did the Russian Mafia Kill Alexander Litvinenko? 12/27/2006

Boris Berezovsky and the Bizarro Effect, 12/6/2006

Alexander Litvinenko: Blackmailer, Smuggler, Gangster Extraordinaire, 12/4/2006

The Litvinenko Mystery, 11/29/2006

The Nuking of Alexander Litvinenko, 11/27/2006

Justin Raimondo, The Frame-Up of Vladimir Putin,, October 18, 2006.

Georgia Mulls Russia WTO Veto

Editor Jailed for His Coverage of Chechnya

Chechen Shot Dead as Concern Grows About Russian Killings

Profile: Russia's Secret Police

Putin Issues Veiled Warning to Poland on EU Talks

Exact Cause of Ex-KGB Agent's Illness Eludes Poison Experts

Russian Exile Got Warning on Day He Was Poisoned

The Lebanese assassination

"The war in which Hezbollah alone defended the Lebanese nation against the Israelis has given Nasrallah tremendous political authority – and created a nationalist coalition that rises above sectarian divisions. In calling for a new government of national unity dedicated to preserving Lebanese sovereignty, Hezbollah is joined by other mainstream Lebanese political forces, including Amal and the Lebanese Patriotic Front, the Maronite Christian group led by Michel Aoun. The Democratic Party of Lebanon, a Druze group led by Talal Arslan, also supports the anti-government coalition" (Raimondo Back to Lebanon Dec 11 06).

Lebanese Christian Leader Is Assassinated

Gemayel Killing Hits Push to Restore Syria Ties

Bush Warns Syria, Iran After Lebanon Killing

In Lebanon, Debate Swirls Over Prospect of 'Iraqization'

Paul William Hampel

Paul William Hampel

CBC (Nov 21 06)

CSIS alleges in documents filed in Federal Court that the man known as Paul William Hampel used a fraudulent Ontario birth certificate to obtain three Canadian passports, in 1995, 2000 and 2002. In a statement of claim dated Monday, CSIS said the man belongs to the Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki (SVR), the foreign intelligence unit of the Russian intelligence services.

Globe and Mail (Nov 29 06)

Hampel faces deportation under a security certificate procedure.

The public and the man's lawyers have access only to a non-classified summary of the evidence.

Nevertheless, the CSIS officer told the court that "the service has grounds to believe that . . . Mr. Hampel is engaged in espionage."

Locked G&M stories on this topic:

Official says no record found in name of alleged spy ;
Spying suspect plans fight to stay in Canada ;
Ambassador scoffs at spy claim;
The man of mystery on docket DES-3-06;
Alleged Russian spy beat passport curbs.

"He's a 'ghost'"

Hempel: Jet-setter's life veiled by secrecy

Spying devices seized by CSIS recall fanciful James Bond devices

Portrait of the Russian spy service

Alleged spy beat passport curbs

The Gouzenko Affair



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