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Friday, November 09, 2007

"Afghanistan Update," World Security Institute, October 1-31, 2007.


Oct. 2, 2007: Most Violent Year since 2001
The Kabul office of the UN Department of Safety and Security has compiled a report on the increasing violence in Afghanistan that reveals 2007 to be the most violent year since the 2001 invasion. According to the report, the nature of the Taliban insurgency has moved from conventional attacks to suicide attacks, improvised explosive devices, assassinations and abductions. In addition, the Afghan National Police has become a primary target along with NATO forces.


Oct. 29, 2007: Security Concerns Hinder Humanitarian Aid
The United Nations has called on NATO and Afghan forces improve the security situation in Afghanistan so that food and other humanitarian aid may reach those in need before winter. The World Food Program (WFP) has reported that transportation costs have nearly doubled due to the risk of an attack. Last year, there were five attacks on WFP convoys on record, and this year, there have already been over 30. The attacks, which the United Nations points out are against international humanitarian law, are often carried out by criminal gangs. So far this year, 34 aid workers have been killed and 100 convoys or facilities looted. At least 78 districts around the country are now rated “extremely risky” for UN aid workers, and for the past six weeks, WFP has been unable to deliver food between Kandahar and Herat.


Clashes along the Northwest frontier, particularly in the town of Swat and the Waziristan regions, continued through October as Pakistan continues a campaign against militants in the region. Militants continue to target the police, army,and political figures in Pakistan in what appears to be a growing insurgent campaign.

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