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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Breaking the Silence" coming to the United States

From the moment of its first showing in Israel in the summer of 2004, the Breaking the Silence exhibition -- an exhibition of photographs and video testimonies provided by over 60 current and former IDF soldiers documenting their experiences in the Occupied Territories -- has established itself as one of the most influential and important efforts to bring greater awareness of the depths of the conflict and its impact on the people of all sides. As an organization, Breaking the Silence, has continued to be a respected voice among those working each day to bring an end to the conflict.

The Refuser Solidarity Network has learned that Breaking the Silence will bring its photo exhibition to the U.S. for the first time in early 2008. In February, the exhibition will premiere in Philadelphia, at a venue in West Philadelphia called the Rotunda ( In March, the exhibition will travel to Cambridge, MA, where it will be shown at Harvard's Center for Government and International Studies ( The exhibition consists of over 100 photographs, and several video testimonies. To maximize its impact, several members of Breaking the Silence will be present in Philadelphia and Cambridge, to explain, challenge, and engage the public on the content and meaning of the exhibit.

As with its previous showings, the primary goal of the exhibition is to bring these experiences and these voices to the American Jewish community, most immediately in Philadelphia and Cambridge/Boston, but hopefully throughout the country as the exhibition is reviewed, debated, and discussed. The power of the exhibition is such that we believe it will speak powerfully to both the Jewish and non-Jewish public, and about much more than simply the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

To make the exhibition a success, of course, requires lots of hard work and financial support. We at RSN believe strongly in the BTS message and exhibition, and we therefore ask that you please consider supporting this effort. We believe it could have an unprecedented impact, and every additional dollar will help ensure that it reaches the broadest possible audience in the most powerful of ways.

To make a donation online, please click on the Donate Now button below and be sure to specify "Breaking the Silence Exhibit" in the RSN Project field.

Checks may also be sent to Refuser Solidarity Network, 2421 West Pratt Blvd., #131, Chicago IL 60645-4666. Please put "BTS" in the memo on the check.

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