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Friday, February 08, 2008

The largest discussion on homelessness and poverty in Canada marks 6 years, CKUT (Montreal)


This year's Homelessness Marathon will broadcast live from the streets of Montreal on Wednesday, February 20th, starting at sunset and running all night long until sunrise on Thursday, February 21st.

What is the Homelessness Marathon?

The sixth annual Homelessness Marathon will once again serve up 14-hours of people-powered radio, broadcasting from outside of the Native Friendship Center of Montreal (St. Laurent & Ontario) beginning at sunset. With the goal of being a consciousness-raising event, the Marathon will provide an opportunity for homeless people & their supporters to take to the airwaves, and allow a nationwide discussion on homelessness issues and possible solutions. The Homelessness Marathon is annually carried by more than 30 radio stations. Listeners are invited to call-in with their questions or comments toll-free at 1.866.763.4136.

2008 Topics

Set to broadcast WED February 20th, 5pm (EST)

:: HOUR/HEURE 1, 5pm / 17h - Homelessness by Numbers / L'itinérance en chiffres

:: HOUR/HEURE 2, 6pm / 18h - Disabilities in the streets / Être sans-abri avec un handicap physique

:: HOUR/HEURE 3, 7pm / 19h - Indigenous Hour / L'Heure autochtone

:: HOUR/HEURE 4, 8pm / 20h - Les réfugiéEs dans la rue / Refugees and homelessness

:: HOUR/HEURE 5, 9pm / 21h - A critical look at services / Un regard critiques sur les services communautaires

:: HOUR/HEURE 6, 10pm / 22h - Poverty on the move - from downtown to the suburbs / La chasse aux pauvres, du centre-ville aux quartiers aux banlieues

:: HOUR/HEURE 7, 11pm / 23h - theater in the streets / Théâtre dans la rue

:: HOUR/HEURE 8, Midnight / Minuit - OPEN MIC Rants, Poetry, and Music on the Streets / MICRO OUVERT Declamations, chialage, poésie et musique sur la rue avec/with CKUTs Off the Hook

:: HOUR/HEURE 9, 1am / 01h - Policing poverty / Judiciarisation de la pauvreté

:: HOUR/HEURE 10, 2am / 02h - racisme et pauvreté dans la rue / racism and poverty in the street

:: HOUR/HEURE 11, 3am / 03h - literacy and education in the streets / analphabétisme et éducation dans la rue

:: HOUR/HEURE 12, 4am / 04h - Homelessness and working / Travailler et vivre dans la rue

:: HOUR/HEURE 13, 5am / 05h - Physical and Mental Health on the Street / La santé mentale et physique dans la rue

:: HOUR/HEURE 14, 6am / 06h - homeless nation hour of power / L'heure du pouvoir

For more information, contact

(Français) Sophie Vaillancourt, 514.448.4041 x6788
(English) Gretchen King, 514.448.4041 x6788
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