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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sam Bahour, "Contemplating the lull in Gaza...which is non-existent."


This is just in from Sam Bahour in Ramallah:

Dear friends,

Hard to find words these days. I pass you two attachments (originals are at March 6, 2008 and March 5, 2008) of two front pages of one of the national newspapers here in Palestine. These are pictures of Palestinian victims of the latest Israeli rampage in Gaza that you most likely will not see in your local media. These are real infants, with real names, with real parents and real siblings. The only thing they did not have while living (or dead) was a real future under Israeli occupation!

In light of what's happening in our world these days, it is worth pointing to a recent article by Noam Chomsky that speaks volumes...

Noam Chomsky: International Terror Most-Wanted List
By Noam Chomsky,, Posted on February 26, 2008, Printed on March 6, 2008.

Mourning those in Gaza who are still "living,"

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