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Monday, April 14, 2008

"Eminent monks, masters condemn violence, pray for Olympics," Ecumenical Buddhism, April 13, 2008.

Blogger Ecumencal Buddhism reports on the April 12 meeting of the Buddhist Association of China. Vice-Secretary General of the Association, Master Xue Cheng said,

"The March 14 riot incurred great losses to people and property and seriously damaged the image of Buddhism. The act, aiming to create disturbance and instability and realize the 'Tibet independence', runs counter to the Buddhist commandments and will be reprimanded by Buddhist followers."

Master Hai Tao from Taiwan is quoted as saying
"Damage to peace should not be incurred by Buddhists for whatever reason, especially the act of using violence to spoil peace in order to achieve a special political plot," he said.

"The development of the Chinese mainland was rapid and prosperous. We strongly denounce the disruption of social stability using the Olympics as a pretense."

The website includes articles on Politics and Buddhism, the text of the Dalai Lama's telegram to Mao in 1951, as well as more orthodox Buddhist subjects.

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