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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Imperial land speculation

"The important web of connections linking the genesis of the American Revolution to the political and commercial manoeuvres of those engaged in land speculation beyond the boundaries of the Anglo-American settlements has been elaborately chronicled by a number of scholars, including Clarence Alvord, Thomas Perkins Abernathy, Dorothy Jones, Robert A. Williams Jr., Jack Sosin, Ray Allen Billington, and Francis Jennings" (A J Hall American Empire 347).

Alvord, The Mississippi Valley in British Politics; Thomas Perkins Abernathy, Western Lands and the American Revolution (1937: New York: Russell and Russell, 1959); Robert A Williams Jr., The American Indian in Western Legal Thought, 271-323; Dorothy Jones, License for Empire; Ray Allen Billington, Westward Expansion, 132-53, 199-220; Francis Jennings, The Creation of America through Revolution to Empire (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000); Sosin, Whitehall and the Wilderness. See also Shaw Livermore, Early American Land Companies (New York: The Commonwealth Fund, 1939).
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