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Friday, May 02, 2008

B. Raman, "Sino-Tibetan contacts to resume," Raman's Strategic Analysis

Chhime R. Chhoekyapa, Secretary to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, issued the following statement at Dharamsala, the headquarters of His Holiness in Himachal Pradesh, on May 2,2008:

"His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Special Envoy Lodi Gyaltsen Gyari and Envoy Kelsang Gyaltsen will arrive in China on May 3, 2008 for informal talks with representatives of the Chinese leadership. During this brief visit, the envoys will take up the urgent issue of the current crisis in the Tibetan areas. They will convey His Holiness the Dalai Lama's deep concerns about the Chinese authorities' handling of the situation and also provide suggestions to bring peace to the region. Since the Chinese leadership has indicated, publicly as well as in briefings given to foreign governments, its position on the continuation of the dialogue, the envoys will raise the issue of moving forward on the process for a mutually satisfactory solution to the Tibetan issue. "

Annexed for background information is a chronology of the past history of contacts between the representatives of His Holiness and the Chinese authorities. This has been prepared and updated periodically by the Dharamsala office of His Holiness. (2-5-08)

The chronology covers five periods of dialogue between China and Tibet:
  • Hopes and Suspicions (1978-1987)
  • A Row over the Internationalisation of the Tibet Issue (1987-1990)
  • Stalemate in Dialogue (1990-1993)
  • Confrontation (1994-2001)
  • Renewed Contacts (2002- )

For the whole post, including the chronology =>

(The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai. He is also associated with the Chennai Centre For China Studies. E-mail:
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