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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Global Security Institute, Spring newsletter table of contents

Disarmament and Peace Education Activities

* India Celebrates 20 years of the Rajiv Gandhi Plan
* Overcoming Nuclear Dangers Conference, Harvard University
* GSI Board Member Christie Brinkley Receives Smart Cookie Award from Condé Nast
* Thinking Outside the Bomb: Action on nuclear weapons, the environment and health
* California State University lecture: Religious, ethical and legal dimensions of WMD
* Nobel Peace Laureates for a Better World, Haverford College
* Educating Students at the Model United Nations, New York
* American Bar Association Showcase Presentation with Richard Belzer
* Israeli Civil Society Experts Reach Out to International Community

Middle Powers Initiative Activities

* Article VI Forum, Dublin
* Advancing a Nuclear Weapons-Free NATO
* MPI Events at the NPT PrepCom, Geneva
* MPI Chairman’s Address to the IPPNW Congress, New Delhi
* Expert Seminar in Canada

Bipartisan Security Group Activities

* Letter to Congress Opposing RRW
* US-India deal: Advocacy for responsibility in nuclear trade
* Advocating for a High-Level Panel on Space Security
* Statement on Wall Street Journal op/ed

Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament Activities

* NATO Parliamentary Assembly event
* PNND Co-Presidents' Statement on International Women's Day
* Pugwash, Parliamentarians and Political Will, July 10-12 2008
* PNND in Africa

Global Security Institute In the Media

* Jonathan Granoff on Air America Radio
* Radio, print and video features
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