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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jay Solomon and Peter Wonacott, "US-India nuclear deal face uncertain deal," Wall St Journal.

A nuclear-cooperation pact between the U.S. and India is unlikely to get completed before the Bush administration leaves office early next year, U.S. officials now believe.

The lack of action would represent a further unraveling of President Bush's foreign-policy agenda, which has been plagued by instability in Iraq and Afghanistan.


...At a news conference, President Ahmadinejad said India and Iran would move ahead on a $7 billion pipeline project with Pakistan. India also is seeking to buy millions of tons of liquefied natural gas each year from Iran. China's influence in Asia has increased, and India's market has opened, the Clinton and Bush administrations have edged closer to the world's largest democracy.

...Boeing Co., Lockheed Martin Corp. and other U.S. equipment suppliers are vying to win bids to help build 126 fighter jets for the Indian air force. The deal is valued at an estimated $6 billion to $8 billion.

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