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Sunday, June 29, 2008

David Swanson, "Torture Is Over (if we want it),", June 11, 2008.

...from Charles Coughlan

Chairman John Conyers' reasons not to impeach Bush or Cheney do not even include an assertion that they have not committed impeachable offenses or crimes. How could they, when Conyers is selling a book listing many of Bush and Cheney's impeachable offenses and crimes? Conyers' reasons do not include an assertion that he can end the ongoing crimes through some other approach. And they do not include any claim that a successful impeachment wouldn't end the crimes effectively and deter their future commission. Impeachment, in fact, could and would end, among much else, torture by U.S. public servants.

Conyers' reasons not to proceed are, in that context, laughable. Here are the excuses he recently provided to Code Pink - New York activists:

"1. The majority does not want impeachment."

This is nonsense. Very few polls have been done, none of them recent. Some of them have found a majority in favor. That is unprecedented prior to impeachment proceedings even being initiated. If they were initiated, a strong majority would back them.

"2. The corporate media."

Anyone afraid of being called names by assholes on television is not a serious statesman or even a strategic politician. That Conyers so openly uses his fear of Fox News as an excuse to toss out our Constitution is outrageous.

["Outrageous" is an understatement. It bodes ill for those counting on the Democrats for salvation. Obama may be better than rat poison, but his party stinks. Still, read the rest of this article here =>

For more of Swanson, see => This is also the place where registered American voters can sign the "Ten Reasons to Impeach Bush & Cheney" petition and the "Out of Iraq" petition.]
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