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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"However long it takes," TOI-Billboard, week of June 5, 2008

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Here follow the June 10, 2008, press picks from what was published recently by different sources - posted by TOI-staff on Occupation Magazine: 1) two reports, 2) alerts from the activism board, and 3) today's headlines.

1) Week of June 5, 41st Occupation anniversary reports:

However long it takes - June 7 mass protest march

Adam Keller - "Forty one years is a long time. It means that no one much below the age of fifty can really recall a time when Israel did not rule over the Palestinian territories; that whole two new generations of Israelis (and of Palestinians!) have grown up in this highly abnormal situation of built-in inequality and oppression, hatred and bloodshed. It means that the occupation has already lasted more than two-thirds of Israel's total history (the so-celebrated sixty years...). &

'You are not going to stay. Forget it!

Beate Zilversmidt went June 4 with Peace Now to demonstrate in Ariel settlement. About confronting a settlement's 30 year celebrations, and narrowly escaping the mob.

2) From the Activism box:

Monday, June 16 Gaza fishermen action: A QUEST FOR FREEDOM - calling for solidarity actions in docks all around the world

Mousa Abu Maria - one among 1000 Palestinians kept in prison without trial, without charge update + request for letters & donations

South Mount Hebron Committee invites you to Friday and Saturday solidarity visits
Sunday - like every day - settlers from Susia rampaged (see Haaretz), one of the victims still hospitalized

RHR Needs Your Help - Letter Writing Campaign about Silwan

Forum Gush Shalom: Is the Israel Lobby doing harm to Israel? A public debate with American professors John Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt

Take Archaeology in City of David out of Hands of Elad

Israeli-Palestinian Workshop on Education for Peace

Mother’s Day has passed but you can still sign the boycott of Israeli settlement-builder

Alternative Archaeology Tours to Silwan

3) Today's headlines

Abbas gains some public support after renewing dialogue with Hamas

PSR - With Abbas taking the initiative by renewing dialogue with Hamas, and with Hamas failing to open the Rafah Crossing or force Israel to agree to a ceasefire, Abbas gains some public support and Hamas’s popularity drops, according to the latest poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Ministers call for attack on Gaza, bur ceasefire efforts may get another chance

Roni Sofer - Y-net - `We must act in Gaza; the question is when and to what extent,` says Shas chairman Yishai. Minister Boim: Hamas under pressure; blockade did its job. On the other hand, Minister Raleb Majadele (Labor) said an Israeli operation in the Strip would be futile. "What will we gain by attacking Gaza? We`ve been attacking there for the past five years and nothing is happening – 1,200 Palestinian deaths compared with 15 Israeli deaths. We must exhaust the negotiation process, because there is no other way. It is better to talk than shoot."

Congress gets behind Israel`s aid request

Nonetheless (...) an agreement was not finalized. Political and defense sources in Israel said that the main reason for the delay stemmed from concerns among Democrats, who control both houses of Congress, that the additional defense aid would be credited to the Republicans during a major election year [sic! ed].

Two Palestinians killed in Rafah as underground tunnels collapsed

Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC - The 20-year old Fadi Khalifa and 27-year-old Majdi Khdair were killed in two separate cases of Rafah tunnels collapsing. Israel claims that armed Palestinian groups use tunnels to move weapons into the blockaded Gaza Strip, while locals say that those tunnels are used now to smuggle food and fuel into Gaza. [When state-of-the-art fighter airplanes and other heavy weapons are imported into Israel, none dare call it "smuggling" and no one needs to risk their lives in order to bring the weapons into the country. Ed.]

Forced to go green in Gaza

Rami Almeghari & IMEMC - Al-Khozendar Electronics in Gaza City has become a recent point of pilgrimage for many Palestinians. The visitors come to observe Gaza`s latest invention of necessity: an electric car. Gazan engineers Wasim al-Khozendar and Fayez Annas recently designed a car that runs entirely on electricity as a solution to the fuel scarcity caused by the nearly a year-long Israeli blockade that has included severe cuts in fuel imports.

Heating Up: The Battle for the Jewish voice and the Jewish soul

David Mandelzys - (Cult)ure magazine - Why, here in Canada, where we are a minority amongst a Christian majority, do we advocate for and support a ‘Jewish State’ in the Middle East, where the non-Jewish minority are treated as second class citizens?

Israeli envoy to London: U.K. has become hotbed of radical anti-Israeli views

AP - Haaretz - Ambassador Ron Prosor: the British public`s perceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are affected by "biased coverage". [quotations added-ed]

3rd Annual Bilin Conference on peaceful resistance - a report

Friends of Freedom and Justice in Bilin - After reaching the entrance of the wall, Mohamed Nazal began reading the Conference`s final statement. As Nazal was reading, the Israeli Occupation Forces began firing tear gas and rubber bullets into the peaceful crowd (...) hitting Italian Judge Julio Tuscani who sustained head injuries.

American Methodists protest attacks on Hebron Islamic Charitable Society

Saed Bannoura - IMEMC - The Methodist Council of Churches in the United States called on its representatives at the US Congress to practice pressure on the Israeli Authorities to stop their decision to shut down the facilities of the Islamic Charitable Society in Hebron.

Week 2138 of Occupation, 30 May to 7 June, 2008

Daniel Breslau - As Israel`s government goes from weak to barely hanging on, what little desire it had to pursue a political track with the Palestinians has evaporated.

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