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Friday, July 04, 2008

Nonviolent Conflict Intervention Training

[Some people really swear by this training. Seems like a good idea. Here in the Kootenays it is sponsored by hard-working social justice organizations. I pass it along for what it's worth. -jlt]

Nonviolent Peaceforce invites you to participate in a one day...

Nonviolent Conflict Intervention Training

Where: Brilliant Cultural Centre near Castlegar and Nelson, BC

When: Saturday, Aug. 23, 9AM-5PM

Cost: Workshop Fee $40, and by Donation

RSVP: Space is limited. Pre-register by contacting:, (250)-767-3005

The Nonviolent Conflict Intervention Training lets you explore how nonviolent methods can lessen or prevent conflict— in your daily life, in your community, and around the world. The NCI curriculum was developed by Nonviolent Peaceforce of North America ( and

The one-day workshop is filled with hands-on exercises and role plays that will introduce you to:

  • Basic nonviolent communication and conflict resolution methods
  • How you can use these skills when you come across conflict in your daily life
  • How local and international peace teams use nonviolent strategies in larger conflicts.

To make a difference…

We believe that basic training in Nonviolent Conflict Intervention (NCI) Training should be as common as training in CPR. If someone has a heart attack, CPR can keep that person alive until the underlying cause of the attack can be addressed. NCI allows an individual, a relationship, or a community to survive without physical or emotional injury until the underlying cause of the conflict can be resolved.

Begin now…

The Nonviolence Conflict Intervention Training is open to everyone.

The fee for the workshop is $40 and by donation. The workshop fee covers materials and light snacks. Lunch is $8.

The training is a full day. We ask that participants commit to staying the entire day.

Co-sponsors: Nonviolent Peaceforce Canada, Kootenay Region United Nations Association, USCC Working Groups, Boundary Peace Initiative, Diversity Education Group, Voice of Women for Peace

Space is limited— please RSVP! Contact Madelyn Mackay at (250)-767-3005Recommend this Post

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