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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"Zambian Court Reaches Landmark Decision in Teacher Rape Case," Equality Now, July 7, 2008.

...from George Richards at Kootenay Region Branch of the UNAC (KRUNA)

Judge also calls for action by Minister of Education and refers case to Public Prosecutor

Girl prevails in suit against teacher winning K45 million (US$14,999)

Equaity Now, July 7, 2008: On 30 June 2008, the High Court of Zambia reached a groundbreaking decision in favor of a girl known as R.M. who was raped by her teacher at age 13. International human rights organization Equality Now has been actively involved in advocacy on behalf of R.M. The organization commends Judge Phillip Musonda for his landmark decision, which will have far-reaching implications in ensuring protection for girls from teacher rape and justice for girls who are raped by their teachers, a phenomenon not uncommon in Zambia and other countries.

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