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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Campbell Clark, "Canada changes nuclear policy to accommodate India," Globe and Mail, August 1, 2008.

[When the going get's serious, Canadian politicians resort to sports metaphors. Remember Stephen Harper's reason why we were not going to cut and run in Afghanistan? It was time for Canada to "step up to the plate" and that couldn't be done "from the bleachers," games played I guess before lunch at the nuclear country club. There is a little problem of Indian companies that provided dual use technology to Saddam Hussein, but only Pakistan mentions that in discussions about India as a "responsible" nuclear proliferator. (An explosion, not a bomb.) What do you think is next? blessings for Israel's "ambiguous" proliferation? or a permanent seat on the Security Council for India? -jlt]

“ can't keep somebody in the penalty box forever.”
David Emerson
Canada's Foreign Minister

OTTAWA — Canada has changed its policy on nuclear non-proliferation to accommodate India's entry into the club of countries that can trade openly in nuclear fuel and technology, despite its nuclear weapons programs.

India's emergence as an economic power is one reason Canada is overlooking concerns about making it an exception to the world's non-proliferation rules, despite Pakistan's warning it could spark an Asian arms race and Canada's own sour history with India's nuclear ambitions.

Canadian reactor technology, donated in the 1950s, was used to make India's first atomic bomb, tested in 1974. That cooled relations between Canada and India, ended nuclear exchanges and triggered new efforts by nuclear suppliers around the world to prevent arms proliferation.

Canada supported a nuclear-inspection plan for India that was approved by the board of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna on Friday, a plan required to implement a controversial U.S.-India deal on civil nuclear co-operation.

And Canada is now expected to back an exemption for India at the Nuclear Suppliers Group at a meeting being planned for later this month, which would clear the way for India to begin importing nuclear technology and fuel such as uranium.

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