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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Coquihalla Camp," August 2, 2008.

Indigenous Families from the Coldwater and other Bands from the Nicola Valley camping at Exit 228 at visible from the highway. The Exit is next
east from the Toll Booth, towards Kamloops. The Coquihalla Camp can be seen
north of the highway.

The purpose of the camp is to oppose the development of a Ski Resort at this particular location. The area was and continues to be used by the people of Coldwater and other Bands for indigenous traditional hunting, fishing gathering and other activities.

The camp was established on August 1, 2008 and will be there for the next 16 Days. Everyone is welcome to join in the camp. Feasts and other events will be hosted during this camp. Travellers between the interior and the coast drop by and show your support.

For further information contact Deloris Charters, her cell number 250 315-6415.



Arthur Manuel
Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade
11608 Palfrey Drive West
Coldstream, British Columbia, V1B 1A8

cell: 1-250-319-0688
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