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Saturday, August 09, 2008

UK Climate Camp Radio, day of mass action. live radio reports, stream and download.

from the A-Infos Project aka radio4all.

The UK Camp for Climate Action is taking place near the site of the proposed Kingsworth coal-fired power station in Kent.

Climate Camp radio, which has been broadcasting all week from the UK Camp for Climate Action, will broadcast a show at lunch time, 1pm and and a roundup in the evening at 7pm GMT+1. The stream can be accessed here (Flash Player) and past shows are accessible as mp3s & oggs.

Non-commercial re-broadcast is welcome (let us know if you can). Contact:

Today, 09th August 2008 is the day of mass action and we are trying to shut the power station down, through means of peaceful civil disobedience and direct mass action by water, air, through fields and on the roads. The week saw around 1500 people coming to live, stay, do, meet learn and prepare actions at the camp under not previously seen police harassment, smear campaigns and media attention (including positive and topical reports!).

More info on climate camp and actions:

Climate Camp Radio is brought to you by: Dissident Island Radio, Riseup! Radio, FlashRadio, PlentyFact and Bristol Wireless.
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da patriot said...

Stop Global Whining!

Jim Terral said...

Cute, but no cigar. These guys aren't complaining; they are driving a positive program.