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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Georgian Opposition Urges Saakashvili’s Ouster,", September 9, 2008.

[This should deplete some of the hot air from the American gasbag-in-chief. Let us not forget another "frozen conflict" just across the border in Azerbaijan--the Nakorno Karabakh where the political dynamics are completely different than they are in Georgia. The war last month severed a rail link with Azerbaijan. The Americans have used Iranian Azeris to try to destabilize Iran. -jlt]

Georgia’s brief war with Russia is over, and though President Mikheil Saakashvili is eying future wars with Russia, his attention must turn now to a more immediate problem. While most Georgians rallied behind the government during the fighting, the sobering effect of post-war reality has left many Georgians questioning the wisdom of provoking a war with their enormously larger and more powerful neighbor to the north.

Emboldened by the turn in popular opinion, Georgia’s opposition has called for President Saakashvili’s ouster. Opposition leader David Gamkredlidze declared that the president no longer had any right to his position, saying “Despite numerous warnings Saakashvili unilaterally took the criminal and irresponsible decision to shell Tskhinvali, which led to catastrophic consequences for the country”.

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