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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"Israeli warplanes terrorize residents of Tyre," Daily Star, September 4, 2008.

Smoke over Tyre after Israeli
bombardment in 2006 war

[It seems to me that this kind of provocation has been reported less since than it was before the 33-day Lebanon war (2006). But it does happen. For anyone who has lived with sonic booms, it is easy to see how everyday citizens would regard them as rude and provocative, especially when they come from the aircraft of a nation which has invaded them twice since 1982 (see photo).

Most North Americans think that the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah was a bolt out of the blue. But the truth is that there is a history of provocations on both sides. As the article makes clear, some Lebanese see the flights not only as aggressive provocation but also as meddling in their internal politics. Israeli strategists are still waiting for the Lebanese backlash against Hezbollah. Some people never learn. -jlt]

For their part Israeli cabinet ministers have warned that Lebanon's civilian infrastructure could be targeted in any new war, now that the Hizbullah-led opposition has secured veto powers in a national unity government.

TYRE: Six Israeli warplanes flew over South Lebanon and broke the sound barrier twice over the port city of Tyre on Wednesday, a security official said. "Six Israeli warplanes flew all over southern Lebanon and the city of Tyre at low altitude for more than an hour and broke the sound barrier twice over Tyre," the official told AFP.

The overflight prompted scared shoppers to flee Tyre's main market, witnesses said.

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