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Saturday, September 06, 2008

"Pakistan closing Torkhum crossing," September 6, 2008.

[So many chickens coming home, the roost is getting full. Does Obama have a solution for this? Harper is going to have to get at least one foot out of his mouth in a hurry. For all the good it would do. -jlt]

With Pakistan’s sole ground link to Afghanistan now closed to them, NATO may be more reliant than ever on Russia for the transportation of non-military supplies to the war-torn country at a time when US-Russian relations are at a post-Cold War low. And while Russia has promised not to block NATO’s overland transport, President Bush’s threat to “punish” Moscow over the recent war with Georgia may put the route in further jeopardy.

The International News (Pakistan) reports that on Friday, the central government disconnected supply lines to allied forces fighting the war on terror in Afghanistan.
"Political authorities of the Khyber Agency claimed to have received verbal directives to immediately halt transportation of all kinds of goods meant for the US-led Nato forces in Afghanistan for an indefinite period."

"Until now, drivers of the vehicles carrying goods meant for the foreign forces [i.e., NATO and the US] in Afghanistan were directed to reach the tribal agency between 7am to 10am, which were then escorted to the border town of Torkhum by the Khassadar force."

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