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Friday, October 31, 2008

"Bolton links US election to instability in Lebanon," Daily Star (Lebanon), November 1, 2008.

[Never before in the history of the planet has a former acting ambassador to the UN been so interesting to the press--though less and less as reality sinks in. -jlt]

BEIRUT: Former acting US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton on Friday linked his country's phase of transition to instability in Lebanon. In an interview with the Al-Arabiyya satellite news channel, Bolton expressed fears for "stability and democracy in Lebanon" and "the government of Prime Minister [Fouad] Siniora." These fears were rooted in the role Syria and Hizbullah may jointly play in Lebanon, he said. "This transitional period in the United States and Israel may have been difficult on the Lebanese state," Bolton told Al-Arabiyya.

[However, the Lebanese state may have other difficulties.]

BEIRUT: Twelve Israeli military aircraft flew over southern and northern Lebanon on Friday in violation of a United Nations resolution, the Lebanese Armed Forces said in a statement. Six Israeli jets flew over the southern village of Alma al-Shaab for about 30 minutes during the morning, while six other planes overflew the northern region of Batroun, also for 30 minutes, a statement said. "The Israeli enemy violated Lebanese airspace and Resolution 1701," which the United Nations Security Council passed in August 2006, the statement said. - AFP
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