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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Garth Turner, "Salt in the field," November 27, 2008.

  Stephen Harper, Tom Flanagan, and Doug Finley want war.

Later today the Harper Cons will end the funding for political parties. This will have the effect of decimating political opposition, and yet create no jobs or do anything to help Canadians struggling with a sick economy. But it will make Harper more powerful, as it weakens those who disagree with him. In that, it’s a Third World move which strikes at the heart of democracy. It moves Canada inexorably closer to one party rule.

It is also completely consistent with Harper’s view that only right-wing ideology can be allowed to survive, and whatever means necessary to defeat and silence other views is justified. Canadians should be outraged at this, and yet are unlikely to be so, obsessed as they should be with jobs, finances and their families.

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