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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"Houstonians want solutions, not miracles," Rumbo, November 1, 2008.

[Here is a great headline, but the four paragraphs that follow provide a formidable list of miracles. -jlt]

HOUSTON -- The economy and immigration reform are among the most important issues the next president must deal with according to a survey of Houston’s Latino leaders by Spanish-language newspaper Rumbo.

"The economy has been in critical condition and the next president must be willing to work with members of both parties to put this country back on track and at the same time stabilize the economies of the rest of the world," said attorney Jacob Monty, a member of the Latino Business Owners of Houston.

"Immigration problems aren’t going to disappear because we ignore them," said Nelson Reyes of the organization Gano-CARECEN. "It’s time for him to pay attention to this issue and find a just solution for all the millions of people who live in fear every day, exploited at their jobs and under psychological attacks by ICE with these absurd raids."

Ernesto Calvo, political science professor at University of Houston, added that the next president will have to restore the image of the United States around the world, but warns that it won’t be easy. Young people like University of Houston law student Alex PĂ©rez hope the next president addresses the rising cost of education.
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