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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Joan Lawson, "16 days of hope: A call to action," OhMy News, November 25, 2008.

  ...strangers pose the greatest risk to males, while intimate partners and family members pose the greatest harm to women.

As Einstein astutely said, the world is a dangerous place to live because we permit evil to take place. For instance, only a minority of the world's population uses violence. However, the majority of us are silent about it. Our silence serves to condone violence. We must, therefore, speak out. The UN's campaign "16 Days of Hope," which begins Nov. 25, calls upon us, wherever we are in the world, to raise awareness about violence against women and to speak out against it.

Men's violence against women is the leading cause of injury to women. Women often die from domestic violence, especially here in the US, where three to four women die each day. Injury, disability, loss of income, stress, post traumatic stress disorder, abuse of alcohol or drugs and suicide attempts can result from this violence. Moreover, children exposed to violence in the home will suffer consequences such as learning disabilities and post traumatic stress disorder, too.

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