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Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Summary of 'Salafist Websites," Conflicts Forum Reports, October-November 2008.

Salafist websites persist in their acute verbal offensive against Hezbollah, Iran and the Shi’i generally - but now with greater ferocity:

Salafist websites have been quick to take advantage of rising sectarian tensions permeating into the sphere of moderate discourse - in the wake of recent remarks by Qaradawi - to expand the attack on Hezbollah and Iran, and to throw their full support behind Qaradawi (for details see Sectarian tension: from extremists to moderates)

This sharpening attack has been accompanied by a new innovation: for the first time, Salafist websites are using Right-wing Arab Christian writings to attack the Shi’i. The use of such Christian authors represents a striking departure for movements who in principle do not recognise diversity of ideas or narrative.

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