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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Uranium Litigation," Weekender, October 31, 2008.

[The Boss statement of claim says that "This decision was made without any meaningful consultation with the mineral exploration industry, First Nations or the general public and has not only harmed the interests of Boss Power Corp. but may discourage other exploration companies who value the ability to work in a consultative environment." -jlt]

Although the Province has called a halt to uranium and thorium exploration, Boss Power Corp., a Canadian company that had mineral rights on the Blizzard deposit near Beaverdell, is seeking damages from the province.

On Oct. 16, Boss filed a statement of claim in the Supreme Court of B.C. alleging that the Province of B.C., in imposing an uranium and thorium reserve under the Mineral Tenure Act on Apr. 24 2008, has prevented the company from exploring for or producing minerals from it's claim at the Blizzard site. Boss' claim says that the province has essentially expropriated the company's interest in the property and that they are seeking compensation for the property expropriated as well as damages.
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