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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Diana Cariboni, "Latin America: Indigenous Reporting - Between Activism and Professionalism," IPS, December 1, 2008.

  ...a rigorously written journalistic story can reach a wider audience than a protest article...journalism is a marvelous tool for providing a broad view of reality, for learning to piece together the puzzles of day-to-day problems, for making out the hidden connections between events and developments, and for highlighting nuances and contradictions.

LA PAZ, Dec 1 (IPS) - Indigenous journalism would seem to be in a stage similar to what environmentalism experienced a few decades ago: born of necessity and protest, it is caught in a constant state of tension between activism and professionalism.

The problem is that "we are sources and media at the same time," said Silsa Arias, head of communications for the National Indigenous Organisation of Colombia (ONIC), in last week’s discussion in La Paz on how to carry out the work of production, research, writing and editing at a workshop titled "Journalistic Minga: Developing Indigenous Reporting in Latin America".

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