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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Preston Manning, "Here's how we fix Canada's political mess," Globe and Mail, December 18, 2008.

The situation is now well known. Partisan overkill by the government (trying to kill the public subsidy to political parties) leads to partisan overreaction by the opposition (the creation of a coalition to bring down the government). The coalition must justify its partisan reaction on other grounds, so it claims to have formed because the government has "no plan" to address the deteriorating economy. This claim simply ignores the government's tax-relief measures, increases in health-care transfers, increased infrastructure investments, and credit and monetary initiatives.

The Governor-General wisely agrees to an adjournment of the House of Commons, which will reconvene at the end of January for the government to present its budget. If the budget, adjusted to accommodate some of the opposition's demands, is passed, the Harper government will carry on, subject to the constraints of minority status. Defeat of the budget could lead to the government's replacement by the coalition (if it still exists) or, more likely, to an election.

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susansmith said...

I don't want anybody to fix the political mess we are in, in that I want Harper and the cons out of govt - period.
No help - they fixed their goose and we all know exactly what is recession/depression will be all about "class warfare."
Manning recognizes that his "homeboy" got himself into a real pickle and he is just trying to back him out of the corner he painted himself in.
This went from a political to a constitutional to a separation crisis - way to go Harper of "divide and conquer."
If the libs prop this guy and his govt up - no matter what crap comes out of their mouths after that - it will be talk to the hand.

And make no mistake - it will be class warfare - with libs on the side of the capitalist class.

Jim Terral said...

And who will fight it? Generation-X? unemployed autoworkers? underemployed yuppies?

Class warfare would make an excellent video game, but it would have to be set in the 30s.

We've had a class war for the last 30 years and lost. It's past time to have a serious look at the game plan that has been kicking our asses.