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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ed Ring, "Greentech predictions 2009," EcoWorld, December 30, 2008.

On nearly the eve of the new year, a couple of noted industry observers have already gone public with their greentech predictions for 2009. On December 4th, Cleantech Group Executive Chairman Nicholas Parker published their ”Nine clean technology predictions for 2009,” which, briefly stated, are the following:

(1) Energy efficiency infrastructure boom initiated,
(2) Global climate talks bog down—no serious deal until 2011/12,
(3) U.S. passes national RPS, but cap & trade bill only in 2010,
(4) Wind stocks come back; thin film PV shakeout,
(5) Clean technology VC stabilizes at $7B globally; Private Equity more active,
(6) Failure rate of cleantech startups doubles,
(7) IT turns to the energy opportunity,
(8) R&D stagnates; corporates acquire green growth assets,
(9) Energy-water-food nexus emerges.

  "In China most development is new instead of retrofit, it is a petri dish of innovation where you have the opportunity to leapfrog what went in place in the west."
Peter Nieh
Managing Director
Lightspeed Venture Partners

One day earlier, on December 3rd, Lightspeed Venture Partners Managing Director Peter Nieh published their “2009 Cleantech Predictions,” which are:

(1) Cleantech funding will slow significantly, forcing startups to seek alternative growth strategies,
(2) Companies will come under increased pressure to achieve competitive cost economics,
(3) Investor interest in energy storage, especially for automotive and grid-scale applications, to grow strongly,
(4) Government will play larger role in cleantech, as policymakers around the country increase their support,
(5) Cleantech comes of age in China.

Read the key points of an interview with Peter Nieh here =>
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