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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gordon Gibson, New Look at Canadian Indian Policy, Fraser Institute, 2009.

[It is a matter of both interest and concern that the Fraser Institute has published a book that takes *A New Look at Canadian Indian Policy." The author is Gordon Gibson, now Senior Fellow in Canadian Studies at The Fraser Institute, who will also be remembered as a former leader of the BC Liberal Party and a right-of-center newspaper columnist. The Fraser Institute is a widely-quoted neo-conservative "think tank" with a special line of Adam Smith jewelry and paraphernalia. This is not to be taken lightly. -jlt]

Foreword / v
Introduction Where we begin / 3
Chapter 1 Intent and context / 13
Chapter 2 History and law / 33
Chapter 3 The existing situation / 81
Chapter 4 Principles / 107
Chapter 5 Treaties, governance, and other arrangements / 153
Chapter 6 Where to from here? / 199
Appendix The Indian land question in British Columbia / 237
by Paul Tennant
References / 253

The book is available as a PDF, 288pp, here =>
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