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Monday, January 19, 2009

Marcus Papadopoulos, "America eyes up Georgia as a base to launch attack on Iran," Tribune Magazine, January 15, 2009.

[M K Bhadrakumar makes a similar observation:

The Kremlin has been cautiously optimistic about a fresh start to US-Russia relations under the Obama presidency. Interestingly, the George W Bush administration has utilized the hullabaloo of the gas war in Europe to wrap up the last act in its Russia policy - concluding a security pact with Georgia on January 9, which according to reports might lead to some form of permanent US presence in the Caucasus for the first time ever" (Asia Times Online Jan 17 09). -jlt]
GEORGIA’S President Mikheil Saakashvili is involved in high level negotiations with members of the United States government on the construction of American military bases in the South Caucasian country, according to a representative of a Georgian opposition party.

  Obama has repeatedly called for accession to Nato for Ukraine and Georgia, referring to Russia as a “21st century superpower” behaving like a “20th century dictatorship”.

Nestan Kirtadze, of the Georgian Labour Party, said last week that President Saakashvili is offering Washington thousands of hectares of land rent free on which to build military bases.

Mrs Kirtadze appealed to American planners and policy-makers not to turn Georgia into a theatre for confrontation between the two superpowers – a reference to US-Russia rivalry in the former Soviet republic.

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