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Monday, January 26, 2009

Robin Mathews, "Maclean’s Magazine: the Destruction of a Canadian Institution," Vive le Canada, January 25, 2009.

Maclean's Magazine has signed on as a part of Canada's Far Right Monolith. It helps reveal the ten falsehoods pushed by the Monolith into the faces of Canadians every day.

The destruction of a worthy institution is always a sad event. Maclean’s Magazine, except as an empty, posturing parody of its former self, is finished. Many of us grew up with it and subscribed for decades because – though open to criticism, of course – it managed to capture Canada and report on its condition in a way that was, overall, fair.

  Kenneth Whyte doesn’t ask any serious question to confront the real issues.

I stopped subscribing and reading it – as others I know have done – when it became a driven huckster-sheet for Harperite inhumanity and hustling corporate opportunism.

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