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Monday, January 05, 2009

Scott Taylor, "Semrau case no Somalia, at least from PR perspective," Chronicle Herald, January 5, 2009.

AT THE TIME of writing, there were very few details regarding the second-degree murder charge laid against Capt. Robert Semrau.

  Unlike the Somalia incidents, the military did not try to pretend this never happened.

Around noon on New Year’s Eve, the Canadian military had issued a brief statement acknowledging its National Investigative Service had been asked to look into "improper conduct" in the death of a suspected insurgent. The incident allegedly occurred during a major NATO operation on Oct. 19 in Helmand province, and the Canadian suspect was part of a mentoring team attached to an Afghan Army unit.

Col. Jamie Cade, the acting contingent commander in Kandahar, told reporters that he had only been advised of the allegations on Dec. 27 — which would have been only hours after the VIP delegation, including the chief of defence staff, Gen. Walter Natynczyk, and Defence Minister Peter MacKay, departed the airfield following their Christmas cheer visit.

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