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Friday, January 09, 2009

Sokari Ekine, "African bloggers comment on the Gaza invasion," Pambazuka News, January 8, 2009.

As we watch the horrors taking place in Gaza, it’s difficult to say the words “Happy New Year” though of course this is what we all wish for each other – a new beginning and some hope for a positive change. However, as in January’s past we are faced with yet more violence, death and injustice. African blogs especially those in Egypt have been very vocal in their commentary and reports on the “War in Gaza”.

  Mauritania is one of three Arab states with full, normal diplomatic ties with the Jewish state.

Sokari Ekine reviews the following blogs:

“War On Gaza”
From the Rock
Rantings of a Sand Monkey
The Moor Next Door
SubZero Blue
Egyptian Chronicles
A Socialist in Egypt
Black Looks

Al Jazeera is now using the site developed by Kenyan bloggers after the 2008 outbreak of election violence. Ushahidi is being used to map and document the “War On Gaza”. This is extremely good news for Ushahidi which now enters the global stage.

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