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Friday, January 16, 2009

Tom Barrett, "Oilsands 'change everything' says Ignatieff," The Tyee, January 15, 2009.

[Sounds like love at first sight. Tar or oil? No matter. Just a glimpse makes him think he can fly. Mr. Nuance loses it, gets swept up in the gee whiz of it all. -jlt]

The Alberta oilsands will allow Canada to stand up to the U.S. on everything from Arctic sovereignty to rewriting NAFTA, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff said Wednesday.

Ignatieff told a town hall meeting in a Gastown pub that Canadians are just starting to understand “how powerful the oilsands make us.”

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Anonymous said...

Except that as part of NAFTA we agreed to keep the oil flowing no matter what... Some bargaining chip.

Oemissions said...

"Israel and the Tar sands"
Macdonald Stainsby