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Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Venezuela and Citgo assure continuity of U.S. heating oil program,", January 7, 2009.

Boston, January 7, 2009-- Contradicting recent reports about the program's discontinuation, the U.S.-based and Venezuelan-owned CITGO Petroleum Corporation confirmed the continuation of its U.S. heating oil program, said CITGO CEO Alejandro Granado during a press conference here today with Citizens Energy Chairman Joseph P. Kennedy II.

  Last year, the heating oil program provided some 200,000 households in 23 states with fuel, including over 65 Native American tribes and large low-income housing cooperatives in New York City. In addition, the CITGO funds provided heating grants to over 210 homeless shelters in 14 states.

“Our flagship social program, the CITGO-Venezuela Heating Oil Program will continue. This decision is the result of a strong commitment and a big effort on the part of CITGO and our shareholder in light of the current global financial crisis and its impact on the oil industry in general,” said Granado.

Read the rest here => (Call the toll-free hotline number 1-877-JOE-4-OIL starting Jan. 19 to apply for the assistance.)
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