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Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Israel chooses for a collision course," The Other Israel - Billboard, February 10, 2009.

Here follow the February 10, 2009 press picks on Occupation Magazine from what was published recently by different sources. Today's updates are from TOI-staff. OM is updated each day of the week by different editors. For earlier articles use the powerfull search function & view the sections.

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Analysis: Will the US and Israel now be able to tango?
Hilary Leila Krieger - Jerusalem Post - Netanyahu`s skepticism on diplomacy "could create tension between a US government determined to push ahead and an Israeli government determined to dig in its heels``, yet (...) the history of peace-making in Israel is a history dominated by the Right.

Report: Terms for 18-month truce expected within days
Ma`an - Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmad Abu Al-Gheit pointed out that reaching such an agreement [between Israel and Hamas] will move along Palestinian dialogue and open terms for a unity government, “another step schedule for April that will lay the groundwork for a serious peace agreement.”

The elections are not important
Yossi Sarid - bitterlemons - If the world chooses to intervene directly and, as President Barack Obama states, "aggressively", then there is still a slim chance of a way out. If it does not--if it continues to make do with sanctimonious statements--then this chance too will disappear and the conflict will remain in a dead end until the next big war breaks out.

Arab reporters banned from campaign meet of Lieberman`s far-right party
Fadi Eyadat and Lily Galili - Haaretz - The reporters, Forat Nassar of Channel 2 and Sami Abed Alhamid of the IBA were detained at the entrance. "I can`t let you in", says Haifa Deputy Mayor Yulia Shtraim, a member of the party`s municipal faction. "Only people I invited personally enter." However, Jewish and foreign journalists who had not been invited were allowed to enter and cover the event.

Not a mild movement, a violent shake-up
Air Force pilot Major R - Yedioth Aharonoth - Here is my definition of what is allowed and what is forbidden: if you need to get legal advice to perform a military action – the action is improper.

Church of England no longer investing in Caterpillar
PSC - The Church of England made clear that late last year they removed over £2.2 million in Caterpillar, a company whose bulldozers and heavy plant equipment are been used to destroy the homes of Palestinians by the Israeli government.

Don`t say we didn`t know #148
Amos Gvirtz - On Tuesday, 27th January, 2009, Israeli soldiers opened fire on a group of farmers from the village El Farhin, situated east of Khan Younis, killing one of them, a man named Anwar. The farmers were working on their land about 700 metres from the border.

No Israeli Goods: Victory for Worker Solidarity
Congress of South African Trade Unions and Palestine Solidarity Committee - The Palestine Chronicle - "The momentum against apartheid Israel has become an irresistible force. We are proud to stand with the millions around the world who say `Enough is enough`. They are doing what we asked them to do when we faced the apartheid regime in our own country"

Brussels: Israeli exhibit postponed following Gaza op
Eli Senyor - YNET - Exhibition on Tel Aviv`s early years scheduled to open at Belgian capital`s center for architecture delayed after local organizers face demands to boycott Israeli culture

Israeli women expose companies complicit in occupation
Adri Nieuwhof - EI - "We would like to encourage activists to be creative. A letter to Hewlett Packard questioning [the involvement of their subsidiary,] EDS Israel, in the automated biometric access control system installed in major checkpoints is for us as important as the Swedish campaign that led to Assa Abloy`s decision to divest from Barkan Industrial Zone"

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