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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Chantal Hébert , "Environment file slips from radar," Toronto Star, April 8, 2009.

[The environment portfolio isn't the first opposition fumble. Hébert reminds us of the issue of 2-tier health care. Afghanistan is another. We like to tell ourselves that the bad old boys are simply too rich, powerful and numerous for any other viewpoint to prevail. Analytical conversations on this theme here in Nelson have suggested that this may be a generational issue? Maybe it's just an existential part of the human condition. It was suggested in the previous post that Canadians are too polite. Maybe we've been brainwashed to believe that taking an action that would strike fear (of humiliation or of losing an election or both) is immoral. -jlt]

Once the hot seat of the Conservative cabinet, the environment portfolio is well on the way to becoming a question period La-Z-Boy.

In sharp contrast with his two immediate predecessors who were regular targets of opposition attacks, Jim Prentice is lucky if he gets to stretch his legs once over the course of the opposition's daily 45-minute grilling of the government.

Indeed, more often than not these days, Prentice has to rely on the kindness of his own colleagues for a chance to speak up during question period.

Forty days into the session, backbench Conservatives have put more questions to the environment minister than the Liberals and the NDP combined.

  Culture is the emerging hot-button question period issue.

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