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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Robert Fisk, "Galloway a Victim of Canada's Baffling Approach to Fighting Terror," Independent, April 1, 2009.

[Fisk might be expected to oppose the Canadian government's gutless attempt to hide from George Galloway, but he does ask the question no one can answer, too. -jlt]

"Come out and debate with me like a man," the old bruiser shouted over the video-link to Toronto. "Let's book the biggest hall in Canada and you and I will debate these issues of war and peace and freedom of speech and censorship... If we don't achieve a political settlement (in the Middle East), we're in for war. If there's no justice, there will be no peace for Palestine."

It was, of course, the old scallywag himself, George Galloway, fuming about the Canadian Immigration Minister James (sic) Kenney's refusal to allow him to speak in Canada on the grounds that he – Galloway – was involved in "terrorism". The Scottish-born MP was talking from an important centre of "world terror" – New York City.

  Only a few days ago, another Canadian Muslim told me how he was whipped with steel cables in Damascus as his torturers read out questions from the Canadian embassy.

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