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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scot Horton, "The ICRC Torture Report," blog,

A few weeks ago, Mark Danner at the New York Review of Books published an article about a classified International Committee of the Red Cross report written for the CIA’s eyes only. It described in detail the tortures committed against those held in the CIA’s “Ghost Prison” “Black Sites,” including pretty much everything the Soviet GPU would have done.

In my interview with Danner on February 18th, he explained that the U.S. government granted full access to the ICRC in the understanding that the report would be kept between them.

Well, on April, 2, Danner published a second article: “The Red Cross Torture Report: What it Means,” and published also the entire text of the ICRC report.

We here at just wanted to make sure you all had a chance to read it [PDF, 41pp]. Please do.

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