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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Isotope shortage looms with Chalk River shutdown," CTV, May 19, 2009.

[There's no excuse for this. It's a labour problem that started under the Liberals. Harper failed to fix it because he was more concerned about optics than safety--and it's a problem that started under the Liberals. That raises the central question about toxic technology: who do you trust to manage it? And what do you do when they don't live here any more, if they ever did? You would think, in a culture so happy with it's pseudo-capitalist principles that multiple sources of supply would be an obvious solution. Here, kick this football, Charlie Brown. -jlt]

A shortage of diagnostic isotopes could occur as early as Saturday after yet another shutdown of the nuclear reactor at Chalk River, Ont.

Power outages in eastern Ontario and western Quebec led to the shutdown of the NRU reactor last Thursday, according to Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

  In May 2008, a health panel established by then-Health Minister Tony Clement...recommended that more facilities be built to reduce dependence on the aging reactor.

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